Site Selection and Location Advisory

Location Advisory Services

Finding great sites for our clients' projects is just the beginning. 

Global Growth Advisors' unbiased Location Advisory Services provide companies with a detailed financial analysis comparing the market-entry costs and ongoing operational costs between sites, cities, counties and states.  This process results in the identification of an optimal site where you can be confident in the long-term success of your project.

GGA's location advisory and site selection process is custom-tailored to each company's specific needs. 

Most projects will include the following activities:

  • Establishing site location needs, real estate requirements, building specifications and objectives

  • Developing an initial analysis and site evaluation report, including general market-entry costs

  • Initial site visits by GGA executive team for due diligence and to qualify potential sites

  • Creating a cost analysis report detailing specific market-entry costs, ongoing operational costs, site-specific data, permitting requirements, jurisdictional demographics and labor availability, which identifies the finalist site recommendations

  • Finalist site visits by GGA's executive team and company representatives

  • Incentive negotiation with public and private entities

  • Updating the comprehensive cost analysis report to reflect cost savings from the maximized incentive package

  • Final site recommendation

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